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Remember You Are Doing a Good Job

img_2859Tomorrow my son and I see his endocrinologist for his quarterly check up. Even though we have been dancing this diabetes jig for years, the day before the appointment is still filled with anxiety. What will Alexander’s A1C be? Will I feel judged by the doctor?

I have low expectations for the lab results tomorrow because we have gotten lax in tracking daily numbers and are not adjusting as aggressively as we might. Attending a diabetes check up feels a bit like a dieter facing the scales, praying for a positive result even if it’s not fully deserved. I will hold my breath hoping for a good A1C despite feeling we could be trying harder.

I ease my anxiety by reminding myself of all the things we do well like counting carbs, changing pump sites frequently and bolusing before meals. As I write in my book Parenting Joyfully When Your Child Has Diabetes, I want Alexander to know he is more than that A1C number. As he takes on increasing responsibility for his diabetes care I compliment him about how diligent he is.

I shared my worry about the upcoming appointment with a D-mom friend and she told me the tactic she uses to remind herself that she’s doing a great job no matter how the appointment goes. She schedules a delivery of flowers to herself on endocrinology appointment days and makes sure the card reads something encouraging like you are awesome, you are doing a great job. I love this idea.

If flowers aren’t your thing, what might you do to be sure that you receive a positive message on appointment day? Could you ask a friend to set a reminder and text you a supportive, encouraging message that day? Is there room in your schedule to pair the appointment with a special outing with your child? When the timing works, Alexander and I go out for lunch after the appointment.

Do you have a strategy for supporting you and your child on appointment day? If so, I’d love to hear it.


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