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A small sample of where my articles have appeared.

Space City Parent Magazine Cover June 2016
Calgary's Child Magazine Cover

Winning A Whole Lotto Love

Positively Parenting Your Pessimistic Child

Air Supply: Pulmonary Hypertension and Kids

Packing For Camp: It’s About More Than Socks and Underwear

Maximize Precious Minutes with Medical Specialists

Family Camp: This Summer Don’t just Send Your Kids to Camp, Tag Along

Available Reprints

Following is a list of articles available for reprint. Please contact me if you would like more information about the availability of an article in your market.

List of Topics


Special Needs





Back to School

November: Diabetes Awareness Month



A to Zen for Moms: 26 Easy Ways for Moms to Find Some Peace (699 words)

13 Ways to Cope When Your Child is Hospitalized (753 words)

Moms and Daughters: Bonding Through the Tween and Teen Years (871 words)

Nine Tips to Reduce Drama at Your Next Birthday Party (739 words)

A to Zen for Teens: 26 Ways to Help Your Teen Find More Peace (846 words)

It’s Hip to Have Manners (720 words)

12 Ways to Inject Some Fun into Your Mommy Life (708 word version & a 1,243 word version)

Positively Parenting Your Pessimistic Child (760 words)

How To Tame the Screentime Temptress (819 words)

Be a Literacy Detective and Build Your Young Reader’s Confidence (685 words)

Moms and Sons: Bond with Your Boy Through the Tween and Teen Years (700 words & 45-word sidebar)

Special Needs

10 Tips for Interacting with Special Needs Families (304 word filler)

Special Circumstances: If Any of This Sounds Familiar, Remember You are Not Alone (667 words)

Dysgraphia: Make Sure Your Child Has the Write Stuff (543 words, 231 word sidebar)


Am I Just Tired or Could it be my Thyroid? (586 words) (Thyroid awareness month is January)

Consider a Doula (752 words)

July is Alopecia Month: Get the Bald Facts about Alopecia (756 words, 2 sidebars- 109 & 46 words)

Psoriasis: The Pain is More than Skin Deep (August is awareness month) (625 words)

Maximize Precious Minutes with Medical Specialists (739 words)

Ovarian Cancer: Know Your Body and Know the Symptoms (September is ovarian cancer awareness month) (461 words & a sidebar)

How to Comfort Your Friend When She has Cancer (613 words)

Spring Clean Your Medicine Cabinet (543 words)

How to Support a Loved One When Their Baby is in the NICU (November is prematurity awareness month) (951 words)


Romancing Your Teen: 28 Ways to Let Your Teen Know You Love Them (547 words)

A Tired Mom’s Letter to Cupid (659 words)


10 Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice (822 words)

Spring Forward with Positive Change (762 words)

Spring Free Does Not Equal Safe: Why Backyard Bouncing is Risky (556 words)


Lessons Learned Underground (essay, 836 words)

Pack Literacy on Vacation with You (723 words)

Sometimes All You Can Do is Laugh, Then Clean Up (736 words)

Family Camp: This Summer Don’t Just Send Your Kids to Camp, Tag Along (822 words)

It’s Summertime and the Reading is Easy with E Readers (721 words & 468-word sidebar)

Packing for Camp: It’s About More Than Socks and Underwear (871 words)

Back to school

A to Zen for Moms: Easy Ways for Moms to Find Some Peace Despite Back to School Stress (704 words plus 31-word sidebar)

10 Fun Ways to Raise Funds (600 words)

Show a Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T and Boost Your Child’s Success (516 words)

School Yourself on Asthma and You May Improve Your Child’s School Attendance (742 words)

November: Diabetes Awareness Month

Dietary Lessons from Diabetes for All of Us (700 words)

Diabetes: Do Not Let Symptoms Go Unchecked (563 words, 174 words sidebars)

How to Use Decorum in Your Dialogue with Diabetic Parents (554 words)


Watch Your Language of Love for Father’s Day (877 words)

Halloween Costumes for the Craft Challenged (647 words)

Use Music to Help You Stay in Harmony this Holiday Season (576 words)

Put an E Reader Under the Tree this Christmas (707 words)

The ABCs of Keeping Harmony in Your Guest Filled Home During the Holidays (748 words)

Take Your Fitness to a Higher Level this Winter (664 words)

Yes Abbey, There is a Santa Claus (544 words)

Using Music to Create Harmony over the Holidays (659 words)