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Parenting Joyfully When Your Child Has Diabetes

SueCover 8.5x11FINAL-2 copy

Concise and to the point, which is “perfect for parents dealing with an all-consuming medical condition. It offers helpful manageable advice without overwhelming the reader and suggests multiple strategies making it accessible to parents of children with Type 1 Diabetes. Exactly the book I wish was available following my daughter’s diagnosis!”
– Melissa Mathison, T1D mom

I appreciated all of the resources as well as knowing we are not alone. Also, the tips about moving at your own pace were very helpful. “I would totally recommend this book to other T1D parents!”
– Amanda Grant, T1D mom

From the day of diagnosis to the long-term impact of living with diabetes, Sue offers guidance and support to ease the emotional toll which parenting a child with diabetes can take. “I highly recommend this book to any parent seeking to rediscover the many joys of being a parent.”
– Ellen Perceval, Editor Calgary’s Child Magazine

“How I wish someone had given me this book day 1 of diagnosis.”If I had this book in my hands, I could have had some perspective and dealt with this in a calmer manner.
– Julie Russell, T1D mom